Police and Security Misconduct

Nye Legal can protect you when the police are out of line.

Skilled Legal Representation For Police Misconduct Cases

Police, security and other law enforcement officers in Pahrump and the surrounding areas of Nevada are responsible for protecting the citizens of their community. While many take their jobs seriously, some abuse their power in a way that harms citizens.

We are Nye Legal. We do not tolerate bullies, or injustice. As your lawyer, we will fight for the retribution you deserve after being harmed by police or security misconduct.

What Counts As Misconduct?

It often seems like police can do and get away with anything they want. However, they have rules to follow, too. When police or security officers overstep their bounds or act negligently — because of inadequate training or other reasons — in a way that causes you harm, it may be considered misconduct. Some examples of security and police misconduct cases include:

  • False imprisonment, civil kidnapping or otherwise unlawfully holding a person against his or her will
  • Using evidence in a case for inappropriate means
  • Injuring or killing pets without just cause
  • Using excessive or unnecessary force during an arrest
  • Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

It is so frustrating to be taken advantage of or mistreated by the very people who are supposed to be protecting your safety. In reality, police only have a limited scope of authority when dealing with the public. When their actions exceed that scope, the Officer becomes the wrongdoer and is generally not protected by the badge. They do not want you to know that. Nye Legal will fight to protect your rights no matter what your situation entails.

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