Do I need a lawyer if I’m arrested in Pahrump?

Some defendants do represent themselves in court. But it is always advisable to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer, even for a first time arrest. Prosecutors may be more willing to negotiate a charge reduction or dismissal when the defendant is represented.

The Nevada legal system is complicated and intimidating, and criminal defense attorneys give defendants the best chance of achieving a favorable resolution.

What if I can’t afford an attorney?

Nevada courts assign public defenders to defendants who cannot pay for their own lawyers. However, these defendants should consult with a private criminal defense attorney first to inquire about discount rates and payment plans. Defendants often stand a better chance of winning their case if they are represented by private counsel, who have more time and resources than public defenders.

Can a lawyer appear on my behalf in court?

Defendants facing misdemeanor charges in Nevada usually never have to go to court as long as their attorney appears on their behalf. In felony cases, whether the defendant must show up depends on the charges and the individual judge. Should any case reach trial, the defendant would need to appear personally. During the COVID-19 crisis, courts have become more flexible in terms of allowing defendants to waive their appearances.

What are common defenses to a criminal charge?

Depending on the specific charge, defendants may be able to claim such defenses as:

  • Self-defense
  • Accident
  • Consent
  • Lack of criminal intent
  • Police misconduct

Typical evidence in criminal cases includes eyewitness accounts, surveillance videos, and written communications. If the defense attorney can raise a “reasonable doubt” as to the defendant’s guilt, the prosecutor may reduce or drop the charge.