The number one thing you should know about Nye Legal is that we are willing to fight for you. I am attorney Thomas Gibson. I provide strong guidance to people who have found themselves in tough situations.

The relationship you have with your lawyer is very important. At Nye Legal, I get to know my clients because it helps me know what is right for them. I also feel that it is important for you to know something about me, too.

I grew up in a blue collar neighborhood and spent several years working construction and in a meat-packing plant before attending college and law school. I enjoy my work in personal injury and police and security misconduct because it allows me to stand up for those who need it most. I have never been able to tolerate bullies or any form of injustice. My job allows me to use my knowledge and skills to protect my clients from a different kind of bully.

As a former amateur and professional boxer, I have a competitive side. I fight for my clients and their best interests and never back down from a challenge. As a former U.S. Marine, I believe in loyalty and honesty. I will stick by you from start to finish, keeping you constantly updated on your case and making sure you have a realistic understanding of your options and the possible outcomes.

I have spent many years in the legal industry as an attorney, so I know how to properly assess the merits of a case. I understand how to use the law to help my clients fight for the results they deserve. And I have a significant track record of successful settlements and verdicts. While there are never any guarantees it litigation, when I take on a client – I do everything in my legal power to help them.

I would like to learn about your situation. To schedule a consultation, call (775) 209-1035, or use this website’s online contact form.

Thomas Jude Gibson
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